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Dealers of Hope…

Returning home after Christmas, the desperate condition of South Africa hit us all over again--no electricity hours a day, corruption at the highest levels of government, incompetency in state owned enterprises, a suffering economy, and crime, just for a start.That [...]

Negotiations…at home…at work…

If you are like me, you might think that this book has very little to do with you, but...we might want to think again!  My husband (who is in corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions) has been reading this book and [...]

A Gift…

In this new season of marriage (to an amazing man, I might add ūü§ó), the Lord is stretching and growing me in significant ways, and I couldn't be more grateful. ¬†Though I could share many different facets of "learning," the [...]

Blessing to Share?

During my time at Master Works Foundation while visiting leaders all over the world, I quickly learned that leadership is lonely and tough.  It's a high and challenging calling, especially the way Jesus asks us to do it. Because the life [...]

From Dry Bones to an Army

South Africa--a place of incredible beauty, wildness, adventure, and challenges.  From animals, to terrain, to core racial/ethnic groups, to history, to politics, South Africa has more diversity in a relatively small land space than any other country I know. Corruption [...]

Our Miracle Wedding…

OUR MIRACLE WEDDING... This is one of the most unusual and Special update letters I have had the privilege of sending to you all! Some of you know this, and others may not.  In a crazy turn of events and [...]

Nike and Rethinking Sexuality

I always enjoy passing along resources that have inspired or impacted me. These two books are recent reads, and they did both!   Shoe Dog is an AMAZING business tale--the true story of Phil Knight and his business journey with [...]

Faith Book…

These last 6 years have been a school of faith in a deeper way than I have ever known before.  In my journey with Daniel, the Lord spoke to me repeatedly so many different ways, asking me to continue to pray, [...]

“Out of Africa”–Friends, Gifts and Joy

On January 23, 2016, I showed up in Johannesburg, South Africa with a vision from the Lord (at least I sure hoped it was!), two suitcases, a place to stay for two months, and not a single friend in a city [...]

His “Songbird”….

I LOVE to sing, not because I am good at it, but because the Lord constantly seems to be giving me a song... Growing up at home, we only listened to Christian radio (A shout out for Evie, Amy Grant, [...]