As a person of influence, you know what it means to work hard and to lead others—and the deep satisfaction that comes when a vision is shepherded to success. Yet that mountaintop can be lonely—a dry, sometimes barren space for you, your family, and even your faith.

En Gedi Group offers you a place of refreshment and renewal. It’s our great joy to come alongside you and your family with encouragement and affirmation of who you are in Christ through personal interactions, unique experiences, and resources that equip you to grow.


Find spiritual refreshment and restoration for your soul as you explore the world God created with fellow leaders and their families.

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Browse our hand-picked list of books, articles, media and other resources to help you grow in personal character and leadership effectiveness.

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To bring Christ’s refreshment to ministry and affluent leaders through creative experiences, helpful connections, excellent resources and truthful friendship.


A community of influential families vibrantly alive and fully resourced for optimum kingdom fruitfulness.

The Well, Recent Posts

Wise Jabs…

COVID... our Father has planned every season of our lives.  We are here by His design.  He has goodness for us and absolute glory for Himself.   As followers/lovers  of Jesus, we have a unique privilege to be [...]

Sir Knight of the Splendid Way

In honor of Dick and Margaret Patty, two heroes of faith for me (Dick went to be with Jesus in July), I am highlighting a very special book, a favorite of theirs that has become a favorite [...]

Consider the Flowers…

Daniel and I just had the privilege of celebrating our 3rd anniversary by visiting the west coast of South Africa--a place where there are flowers that absolutely BLANKET the hills for just 2-3 weeks out of a [...]