The greatest benefit of the trip to me was the opportunity to meet and come to know Christ-led couples from across the world who have been obedient to God’s call. 

We feel blessed with the opportunity to have learned about and attend this En Gedi trip. It was a trip of a lifetime from which we will be able to draw from teachings and experiences for many, many years.

We return home spiritually enriched and genuinely look forward to participating in one of your future trips.

Greg and Marybeth Lernihan
Co-founder of Convergint Technologies
Experience Africa 2015

To be treated like kings and queens. Amazing!

Eric Celerier
Pastor and co-founder and leader,, France
Experience Italy 2013

A SHOWER of blessing from my Father! This experience far exceeded my expectations. In every location the Lord met me with good gifts and touches of His presence–everywhere from the Mount of Beatitudes to En Gedi to the Southern Steps. I feel completely filled up and deeply blessed by what He gave throughout this entire experience.

Connie Patty
Josiah Venture (Dave Patty, President)
Experience Israel 2012

So blessed by the teaching and, more importantly, the relationships. Was so wonderful to travel with such a great group of people and have all the details planned out. This trip had a huge impact on our marriage and I am so thankful for you and your ministry.

Kerry McDonald
Heavy Machinery Tractor Company (Jeff McDonald, Owner)
Experience Italy 2013

I am leaving here with a group of mentors I feel I can call. I have a deeper and renewed sense of how to hear from God. I feel lavished in the hospitality, love and generosity of Christ and am rested and rejuvenated.

Sara and Brad Miller
Founder and Executive Director (Sara), House on Beekman, Bronx, NY
Experience Africa 2015

…this was the best trip I’ve ever been on. First rate locations, great food, great group of people, great teaching. I was really blown away by Dave’s teaching. Plus the mix of people couldn’t have been better. The garden tomb experience and communion was very powerful.

Bob Lauter
President, Master Spas
Experience Israel 2012

I feel exceptionally blessed to have been part of this trip. The arrangements and attention to detail were outstanding. I have never been on a trip where I was more refreshed than this one! Billions of blessings.

Chris DeWet
Co-founder, CEO AFMIN International
Experience Israel 2012

Laurie and Daniel were absolutely indispensable to helping us think through and plan our SA itinerary. Their knowledge of the country, ability to understand what we hoped to experience during our trip, and personal contacts with individuals who could help make it all happen added up to us having a truly unforgettable experience!

Jeff (and Kelly) Ostermann
Senior Vice-President and Chief People Officer, Sweetwater Sound
Experience South Africa 2021