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Tea and Chocolate with Jesus 2021

Over the last 25 years of my life, I have had a daily practice of "tea and chocolate with Jesus."  I'm not sure what exactly inspired the start of it, but I remember His words to me somewhere near the beginning..."time with me [...]

Chicken Noodle Soup…

Many of us have experienced the "season" of sickness this winter (or even summer in our case), whether COVID or something else, and health has been a big focus of the world's attention for awhile, for obvious reasons. We know, [...]

Simple Truth…

The world we live in has become increasingly complicated--illness, invasion,  crazy house markets, inflation, politics and the list could go on.  In this midst of these new raging realities, there are a few simple truths that have been blessing me [...]

Wise Jabs…

COVID... our Father has planned every season of our lives.  We are here by His design.  He has goodness for us and absolute glory for Himself.   As followers/lovers  of Jesus, we have a unique privilege to be sources of His light and [...]

Sir Knight of the Splendid Way

In honor of Dick and Margaret Patty, two heroes of faith for me (Dick went to be with Jesus in July), I am highlighting a very special book, a favorite of theirs that has become a favorite of mine.    Sir Knight [...]

Consider the Flowers…

Daniel and I just had the privilege of celebrating our 3rd anniversary by visiting the west coast of South Africa--a place where there are flowers that absolutely BLANKET the hills for just 2-3 weeks out of a year, creating a spectacular feast [...]


We have learned a few things along the way in our journey, some from others and some the hard way through personal experience. If our journey and learnings can be of any benefit to anyone else, we want to share [...]

The Face of Jesus

The body of Christ--I honestly don't know what we would do without people who are the face of Jesus to us in the midst of both celebration and crisis.   My value of community has always been high, and yet [...]

50…the faithful Shepherd…COVID

50...I turned 50 on Feb. 7th, and our plans and God's plans in celebrating that milestone turned out to be very different...  After a wonderful Christmas holiday with my niece and nephew in Mozambique, two days later, I wasn’t feeling well and went for a [...]

Angels in the ER

I want to share two of MANY stories of our Father and the way His presence has been intimately known in every part of this journey. I thought it might bless you today. I know it did me... I had the most [...]