COVID… our Father has planned every season of our lives.  We are here by His design.  He has goodness for us and absolute glory for Himself.   As followers/lovers  of Jesus, we have a unique privilege to be sources of His light and life in these times. >

In that spirit, I am going to share a very personal story on a subject that has caused much division in our world in SA, even among people who know and walk with Jesus.  I share this only because I believe it is a story of our Jesus–the source of all wisdom and guidance–in every decision. 

 Daniel and I have talked much about the vaccine/no vaccine decision.  We have prayed about it, researched it, and discussed it, coming to certain conclusions along the way.  1)  We will not make any decision out of fear–fear of COVID or fear of a vaccine. We know God does not operate in a spirit of fear–ever.  2) We need wisdom from the Father that far surpasses the opposing points of view from human “experts,”   3) We will walk in unity with each other and the body of Christ, as the Spirit of our God works in unity–always–not necessarily unity of opinion but definitely unity of spirit.  

With this in mind, after several months of discussion and consideration, Daniel decided to get the vaccine, and though I was leaning against getting it, I decided to go with him to get it, trusting the Lord was leading in wisdom for our family.  We prayed before we went…two very specific things… “Lord, if we are not supposed to get the vaccine, please change the circumstances today, and if we are supposed to get the vaccine, your blood is our shield against anything that should not go into our bodies.  

When we arrived, we were put in two different vaccine stations.  The nurse at my station asked questions about my health, which surfaced that I had had a cold 6 days earlier…a very normal, routine cold.  That revelation led to many other questions, and after conferring with a supervisor she came back and told me that they would not be able to give me the vaccine that day.  I smiled, thanked them for doing their job, praised Jesus for answer to prayer and went to join Daniel at his station.  

While we were waiting for his actual vaccine to arrive, we were talking with the nurse.  Without any mention of faith from us, she looked at us and said, “I really believe the only true healing power is Jesus Christ.”  We told her that we couldn’t agree more, and then the vaccine arrived.  Before giving it to Daniel, she put her hand on his arm, prayed the blood of Jesus as a barrier against anything that should not go in his body–almost verbatim what we prayed–and then gave him the vaccine.  

We looked at each other in awe–amazed at the two DIRECT answers to prayer for wisdom…wisdom so individualised for each of us.  We had such a sense of His power and presence with us, which was very moving—for both of us. We tasted of the wisdom and goodness of our Father. 

Jesus is incredible, and HIs promises are true– “If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who give generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.”  James 1:5  

May the center of all of our decisions/journeys be Jesus.  He is worthy to be central and He is the source–in EVERYTHING!!!  

As Christy Nockels sings so beautifully, Let it be Jesus—always,