In honor of Dick and Margaret Patty, two heroes of faith for me (Dick went to be with Jesus in July), I am highlighting a very special book, a favorite of theirs that has become a favorite of mine.   

Sir Knight of the Splendid Way is a captivating allegory-a rich literary masterpiece that will encourage any weary traveler. This beautifully bound work depicts life as a journey, reaching toward a beacon of hope in the City of the Great King. Beckoned by the King to travel the Splendid Way, the young knight must keep his armor on at all cost. All along the way he is challenged and tempted to take his armor off. Many try to convince him that the battle is not worth the fight. Only those who keep their armor on are able to see the real battle that rages before them, and only those with a pure heart will keep their armor on.

I have gone back to Sir Knight over and over again over the last 15 years of life, especially certain chapters.  The spiritual depth and richness of this beautiful allegory has brought endless encouragement to my journey with our King Jesus.