I had the privilege of visiting some dear friends in Colorado that are like family to me–adopted grandparents really!  As I was sitting around the table sharing a meal with Dick and Margaret Patty, we shared life, pain, Jesus, Scripture, and places of growth.

As I left later that night I was so incredibly blessed by these friends in their late 80’s who are still seeking to know and follow Jesus and speak into the lives of people coming up behind them–like me.  Psalm 145 lives in Dick and Margaret–“One generation will declare His works to another.  They will speak of His mighty acts.  They will tell of the glorious splendor of His majesty.”  God designed it that way–for one generation to proclaim to another who He is.


That is something I have thought about in my own family as well.  At the moment I don’t have any children, but I have 8 dear nieces and nephews that I have an incredible privilege to invest in.  I also have countless children of friends that the Lord has put into my life, and what a privilege it is to be one of the people who can tell firsthand stories to them of the works of Jesus in my/our life.

There are some very intentional ways that the Lord has impressed on my heart to invest right now.  On family vacation each summer I have had a “God rocks” time with the kids before bed, reading Bible stories and incredible faith stories from missionaries as well as telling stories of our own!  I love it as much as they do.


I also have an “Aunt Laurie’s book bag” that goes with me in my car which has special books that my nieces and nephews and my friends’ kids read with me (thank you Kristi P for that idea!).


At a recent slumber party at my house with all eight of my nieces and nephews, I invited anyone who wanted to join me for my “tea and chocolate” time with Jesus to wake up early with me, drink tea, have chocolate and read our Bibles together.  Almost all of them joined me, and we watched the visual Bible.  They were mesmerized for at least 45 minutes as the book of John came alive.


How I hope that these sweet times with these precious kids will inspire faith in our amazing God just as an evening over dinner with Dick and Margaret Patty did in mine.