As I gazed out my kitchen window in the cool of early morning a couple days ago, I saw something that caught my attention.  There were some sunflowers that my neighbor had planted in her perennial bed next door.  I haven’t spent much time studying sunflowers before, but for some reason that morning, my attention was riveted on these little bursts of color and beauty.

The sun was just beginning to peak its head out, and the amazing thing was that as the sun continued to make it’s way up into the early morning sky, the sunflowers’ faces continued to move with the sun.  I guess theoretically I knew that sunflowers were named such for a reason, but it never really struck me before.  Their faces follow the sun.

What an incredible idea. Sunflowers are bright, beautiful and cheery, absorbing and reflecting the color of the sun.

Made me think of a verse that the Lord has been speaking much over me in the season that I am in right now, “Those who look to Him are RADIANT.  Their faces are never covered with shame.”  Psalm 34:5

I pray that I will radiate and reflect the Son and His beauty as I move my face wherever He is shining!!

Love those sunflowers…