Our Story

We have walked the path that you are on now. Because of that, God has called us to use the experiences He has given us to enrich your life and your ministry.

The inspiration from our name comes from the En Gedi oasis, located in the country of Israel. While this location is mentioned several times throughout Scripture, it’s perhaps best known as a place that David sought both refreshment and refuge from Saul’s pursuit in 1 Samuel 24. It’s desirable location and verdant landscape made it both a residence of royalty and a thriving stop on a major trade route. Today, En Gedi continues to inspire visitors from around the world with its deep pools, stunning waterfalls and fresh, vibrant growth.

Laurie’s Story

Laurie Doden founded En Gedi and serves as its Executive Director. Her passion is to serve and encourage, and God has used her experience in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors to apply those gifts around the world.  Laurie has worked as a manager with Master Sports and as Executive Director of her family’s foundation, MasterWorks Foundation before founding En Gedi. She currently serves on the board of Leadership Development International (LDi) in China and also ministers at her local church. You can get in touch with Laurie by emailing her.