What a joy and privilege it has been this year to be an eye witness to two miracles of our God in the form of babies–my sister and my dear friend Alair.

Caleb and Alair Mitchell have been married for 16 years and, though God has given them two amazing and beautiful boys through adoption–Nico and Nate, they have not been able to conceive biologically.  Caleb and the boys started praying for a baby sometime last winter, and I joined them in that prayer in April, around Alair’s birthday.

I was at a mutual friend’s house on a Sunday last June, and we got an unexpected knock at the door.  Caleb and Alair and the boys stood outside, and Alair was weeping holding a positive pregnancy test in her hand.  The JOY!!

As the Lord would have it, I got to be present, along with our friend Kim, for the birth of precious little Nora Jean in a bush hospital in Uganda, where Caleb and Alair serve as missionaries.  I had a front row seat to a miracle of grace!  Here are some pictures of this beautiful and miraculous experience:

A day after Alair found out she was pregnant, I had previously arranged a meeting between Alair and my sister Kara, who also struggled with infertility and was given a 3% chance to conceive naturally.  Kara was in the process of starting a ministry to other families walking through that same pain and struggle, which is what the reason for meeting with Alair.  Our family had started praying with Kara and Duce on our weekly family prayer call in April for the miracle of a baby, and we even had all the kids in our family lay hands on and pray for Kara and Duce’s miracle baby during our annual July 4th celebration!

Two weeks later, as I got back from a trip, there was a knock on my door at 10:30 at night.  I opened the door and saw no one, but there was a stork in my yard.  I was so confused until…Kara and Duce jumped out of my bushes and shared THEIR news!  Another miracle and MORE joy!!!

Just last week I got to witness the precious birth of this little boy born in faith and prayer.  Our little Race Sterling Bishop.  Words cannot describe my awe or my celebration in seeing our God’s design in the miracle of life or in tasting of this sweet answer to the faith-filled prayers of our entire family–from the 3 year old up to the almost 80 year old–in the person of this little boy.  Here are some pictures of God’s beautiful answer to our requests:

Miracles…some have already come and thankfulness is overflowing, and some are still on their way and are waited for in faith and hope.