When someone knows those “little things” about me–little habits, details, or concerns that matter to me alone–I realize that I am known and LOVED.

I had something happen recently that reminded me once again that no one engages in the details of my life and cares more than Jesus does….

In March I was having a wonderful week in Indiana as I spent time with dear friends and family in different venues while hosting someone who was visiting from out of town.  During the course of the week, one evening I was wearing a favorite pair of earrings which I bought in India.  (I love to pick up unique jewelry in the different countries where I am traveling as it is both fun and small–important when I have to haul luggage all over the world!)

As I was dropping my visitor off on my way home, I reached up to touch my ear and realized that one of my earrings was missing.  Ugh!!  One of my favorite earrings!  I was a little sick about it, knowing that those earrings could never be replaced without a flight to India.  I called the three places that I had been that evening.  Nothing….

Since Jesus and I talk about everything, I started telling him about my earring and how sad I was about it (as if He didn’t already know!  :-), and I asked Him for a miracle in finding it, knowing that we had already looked in all the logical places where it could possibly be.

Over a week later, I moved a case in my closet and would you believe, THERE was my earring.  I have absolutely no idea how it came to be in that spot, as it was missing long before I even returned to my room/closet the night I lost it.  Personally I wonder if the Lord sent an angel on a special mission of search and rescue, telling him where to drop it off.  Regardless of how He did it, it was there, and I started doing a little worship dance right there in my closet.

It wasn’t as much about my earring at that point as it was about my God who loves me, hears me and knew how important a silly little earring from India was to one little girl from Indiana.  I was like the woman with the lost coin…I wanted to call all of my friends and throw a party.

My party had a theme: “My God knows me and loves me intimately.”