I was sent a picture by a friend of mine who lives overseas, and he was traveling in Israel and took this picture of a flower in the desert surrounding En Gedi.  This flower blooms in the desert and lives for only one night–ONE NIGHT.  Who creates something that beautiful that only lives for one night?
I was just thinking about the extravagance of our God and how much He loves beauty.  Here’s a flower, in the middle of the desert (where no one is) and it only blooms and lives for one night.  Most likely He is the ONLY one that sees it bloom most of the time.  That’s character of the God we serve–beauty in places of great desolation, with a short spurt of life that only He sees and admires.  Unless, of course, someone happens to end up in the desert at just the right time, and then His beauty awaits them even there.
We often find ourself in one of life’s deserts, and if that is where you currently live, I pray that His creation of beauty–even short-lived beauty–invades your “desert” space today and that you taste of the extravagance of His nature.