You may be wondering where in the world the name “En Gedi” came from.  As with most names, there is a story…

During the “inbetween” time of my last year and a half, I went on a trip with a team to Kenya at the invitation of Dan Kennedy (far left in both photos), a dear friend of mine and the leader of Kumveka, a non-profit marketing agency serving Christ-focused ministries around the world.  Though the Lord had already given me a concept of the ministry He had in store for me–serving ministry leaders and affluent leaders and their families–I still didn’t have the full picture or a compelling name.

In Nairobi, Kenya, with the group of men pictured above, Dan was telling a story and mentioned the name “En Gedi.”  As soon as he said those words, it was like the Lord put neon lights around it.   Ken Norwood (2nd in from the right and far right) and I both leaned forward in concert and said, “That’s it!!  That’s the name.”

The inspiration for our name comes from the En Gedi oasis, located in the country of Israel. While this location is mentioned several times throughout Scripture, it’s perhaps best known as a place that David sought both refreshment and refuge from Saul’s pursuit in 1 Samuel 24. It’s desirable location and verdant landscape made it both a residence of royalty and a thriving stop on a major trade route. Today, En Gedi continues to inspire visitors from around the world with its deep pools, stunning waterfalls and fresh, vibrant growth.  Here’s what it looks like in video form, if you want to see!

En Gedi waterfalls

En Gedi stream

The day after getting home from Africa, as I was running in my own neighborhood, I kept hearing the phrase in my mind, “En Gedi–living water for shepherds and kings.”  David was both a shepherd and a King and sought shelter in En Gedi.  Jesus is both a shepherd and a King and IS En Gedi–Living Water for shepherds and Kings.

That was the birthing process of the name God gave us–En Gedi.  Since that momentous trip to Kenya, Dan and the rest of the Kumveka team have tirelessly used their God-given creativity and giftedness to to tell the story of En Gedi by creating a brand and the materials that surround it.  I’m so thankful for their whole team and for the whole journey in general!  It’s been rich!!!