We have learned a few things along the way in our journey, some from others and some the hard way through personal experience.

If our journey and learnings can be of any benefit to anyone else, we want to share it…

As a first and the biggest COVID tip, fear is our mortal enemy in this journey…in every way. God has not given us a spirit of fear, but a spirit of POWER, LOVE and a SOUND MIND, so if fear is my companion, I know it does not come from our Father. I know intimately the battle of faith over fear, especially in regards to the virus and ones we love, and it’s a battle worth fighting. Use your weapons of warfare–the Word of God, remembering His faithfulness in the past, thankfulness, praise, and vulnerability with others who will fight with you in the body of Christ.

Our King and Father rules with peace, even in the worst of circumstances, and I can tell you from my personal experience over the last couple months, that walking with Him in supernatural peace is a FAR CRY from walking with fear as a companion. We are children who are loved by the King. If He is for us, nothing or no one can be against us.

On to other practical COVID tips…

Daniel and I followed a protocol of vitamins and diet from our trusted doctor from the very first day. This regimen is designed to strengthen our immune system to fight, some of which we were already doing before as a part of healthy living:

  • Vitamin C 3x daily
  • Zinc 2 X daily (be careful with this one, as I became INCREDIBLY nauseous, throwing up, etc. I thought it was COVID, but it actually was toxic amounts of zinc for my body)
  • Vitamin D 1x daily (this is another one to be careful with, as too much can also be toxic, but it really helps the immune system. 15 minutes in the sun is also good natural vitamin D)
  • No sugar, processed foods or breads
  • Much fruit, vegetables, “clean” protein and healthy grains. Not much red meat. No alcohol.

If you have symptoms add:

  • Doxycyclene antibiotic
  • Ivermectin on day 1, 3 and 7. Check with doctor for proper doses according to weight, and also verify the best ways of application based on liquid or pills. (I know this drug is controversial but some docs in Zim, USA, and SA are using it effectively as it helps control infection rate)

Though we followed this protocol and believe wise protocols helped in the process, we absolutely know God did a miracle in Daniel’s body, as there is no other human explanation.

The oximeter is a very good and necessary tool to have. It monitors the heart rate and oxygen level, which gives indication if the infection is moving to the lungs. The oximeter is pictured as the “feature” picture in this post. Check with your doctor as to the recommendation for a baseline oxygen level, but our doctor gave 92 or above as an acceptable range.

Daniel’s oxygen levels didn’t look absolutely horrible on the oximeter, but I could tell that he was deteriorating daily with his fever, his weakness and his shallow breathing. The important thing is that if the infection starts going to the lungs, DO NOT WAIT until it is dire to go to the hospital. Go to the hospital before things get to a desperate place.

Here is an “At Home” COVID guide given by my doctor, which was helpful with practical tips on eating, vitamins, breathing, etc as well as what to look for when deciding to go to the hospital.

Daniel came home from the ICU and I had instruction for his medicines, but not any other instructions on what to look out for. The first night home, I checked his oxygen and his heart rate, and his heart rate was extremely low. It scared me. In checking with our doctor, i found out that due to the steroids in the hospital, Daniel’s potassium levels were VERY low, which can affect the heart. We immediately started eating foods high in potassium to get his heart rate in more normal range–lots of bananas, avocados, potatoes, and other high potassium foods, his heart rate was more normal in range after 1-2 days of high potassium foods.

No one has the same journey. Neither Daniel nor I lost our taste or smell or had a sore throat, but we had weird symptoms–joints (me, the hips, and him, the elbow) that hurt for 2 days, keeping us up at night and then disappearing. I threw up and was very nauseous, and thought it was COVID, but it was actually a toxic level of zinc in my system. As soon as I stopped taking the zinc, the nausea disappeared within a few hours.

We share our experience, not as normal, but as just one experience, knowing that other people have very different stories. We hope that our journey might be informational and helpful to you if you walk it yourself or with someone else.

5 thoughts on “COVID Tips

  1. Dear Laurie and Daniel, Thank you for sharing your story and I’m so glad you are recovering, thanks
    to your medical help and your faith. It is truly a horrible disease.

    I am still waiting for my vaccination this Saturday aned my daughter already had one, because she is a behavioral health worker. My mother, now age 107, has still not had a vaccination since Massaschusetts seems to be slow in getting the vaccine.

    Take care and supporteach other and all whom you can help in your family and everywhere.

    Love and Best wishes,

    Ellen in California

    • Thank you for your comments, Ellen! Always love hearing from you! Can’t BELIEVE your mom is 107. That is truly just amazing! So thankful you are healthy and well . Thank you, Jesus for that! Blessing on you in every way as you celebrate your 80th year! May it be a year where you see and encounter Jesus in some amazing ways! Love to you!

  2. Oh I whish I knew so that I could have prayed for you.. But, our God is faithful and I am thrilled that you made it through. Hope you can stay safe there, still in SA?

    • Thank you, Madeline. So appreciate your words. Yes. We live in SA, so we are trusting the Lord with our future and health! That’s for sure!

  3. Laurie,
    Thank you for your well-written (as always and clear explanation of your Covid experience. We here in the u.S. have been following the virus on the news and we know that the Variant is really going strong in South Africa where youn are. We also know now that the vaccine is effective against that variant.
    As for your 50th birthday that went un-celebrated in the traaditional way, it is like the celebrations of many otherrs — including my 80th (though I had a lot of phone calls, mail, visits and flowers from
    neighbors and friends) and a seranade on the guitar from my younger grandson (age 14) I see that although we have a 30 year gap in our ages (you 50, I 80) we are both born in February (Feb. 3 for me) Many of us hope for big celebrations of everything when this awful pandemic is over. But it does give time to reflect, as you have done.

    Take care and stay well…

    Love to you and your husband,

    Ellen in California

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